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Meet Astar 8

Astar 8 is the world’s first and most powerful astro-numerology app of its kind. It blends the ancient sciences of numerology and astrology to provide the most accurate personality readings, love compatibility, and life events forecasting.

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About Astar 8

Astar 8 provides the answers to questions like:

  • What’s my personality type, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses?
  • What’s my life’s purpose?
  • What are the best days, weeks, months, or years I’m most likely to get married or conceive? 
  • What type of parent will I be?
  • What’s the best date to launch a business, project, or event?
  • Am I compatible with my partner?

Astar 8 also provides accurate daily predictions to easily manifest your dreams as it pertains to relationships, health, and wealth creation. Since your most valuable assets are your thoughts and time itself, utilizing the insights and guidance of this app will allow you to maximize your full life’s potential.

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Daily Star Guide

Receive Accurate Daily Forecasts. The Daily Star Guide provides your personal year, month, and day readings so you’re always aware of the numerical energy available to you.


Cosmic Calendar

Take Your Daily Planning to the Next Level. The Cosmic Calendar provides an accurate reading of your best and stress days, customized to your birth date.


The Magic Box

Inner-stand Your Personality Traits. The Magic Box shows you the traits in which you’re strongest, weakest, and average. It reveals your karmic lessons: The traits you’re missing–all in your name.


Relationship Check

Discover if You’re Compatible with Anyone. The Relationship Check allows you to find the compatibility match and the favorable and unfavorable numbers, months, and days of a love or business partner.


Ask Lloyd Strayhorn

Get Direct Answers from Master, Lloyd Strayhorn, himself. If you’re a premium subscriber, you have the added benefit of asking Lloyd one predictive or instructional question per week and getting a direct answer.


Information Center

Access Video Lessons and Tutorials. The Information Center provides video tutorials that explain how to use the app, how to perform specific numerology calculations, and how to interpret the numbers.


The LEARN FROM LLOYD series is available on the  Udemy platform. The level one course is How to Read a Person Like a Book. Level two is The Next Step in Numerology. The third course is The Do’s and Don’ts of Numerology. Then, you might as well pick up his best-selling numerology book, Numbers & You.

Users Love ASTAR 8

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“Lloyd Strayhorn’s revolutionary Astar 8 app is fantastic. Imagine having this astro-numerologist in your pocket. Navigate daily with your best energy in relationships, business, and personal life.  I love all the features of this app, especially the cosmic calendar. Each day, I can navigate what to expect with my day, which makes such a difference. I love the ability to see various connections with others to test compatibility. I’ve never seen an app like it and anyone who uses it will benefit from this cosmic blueprint at your fingertips.”

March 2023 / Natosha McCray

“Astar8 will prove to be the crown jewel in Lloyd Strayhorn’s long legacy of elevating numerology from the genre of local newspaper entertainment, style sections, and fortune-teller crystal balls to a valuable tool based on science that helps people understand themselves and the forces that shape their destiny.”

March 2023 / Rashad Shakir

“This is an incredible astro-numerology app by the amazing, Lloyd Strayhorn! The first of its kind and the best.”

March 2023 / Keirra Winters

” Great app for numerology and a lot of good information. Simple and easy to use.”

March 2023 / Amaar Strayhorn

” Never before has a numerology app been able to inform every aspect of my life. I’m able to plan for best days, decide if a business partner or home is the right fit, and work on self-development, all in one place. Astar8 is a revolutionizing the game. Can’t wait to see what else this amazing app has in store for users and practitioners.”

March 2023 / Jacquii Leveine

Subscribers and practitioners of Lloyd Strayhorn’s Astar8 app can’t stop raving about its functions and ease of use. Get in on the innovation, today. It’ll forever transform your perception of the power of numbers.

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